Freedom: A Novel (Oprah's Book Club)

Freedom - Jonathan Franzen I loved Franzen's Corrections, but I hated Freedom. To be honest, I put it down by page 350, and I have NEVER not finished a book. There is no plot. It's 450 pages of whiny, vapid character development. I've never met characters that I absolutely did not care about. A friend of mine said, "Franzen captures a type of modern America that is overwhelmed by nothing...with too much freedom and not enough meaning in his or her life." Totally get that. The problem is that there is no subtlety in his message. Franzen is so obvious that it's almost insulting. The word "freedom" appears every 4 pages--come on, geez. I can hear a professor in some English class somewhere telling his students, "Make sure to highlight the word 'freedom' whenever you see it. This word is important to Franzen's message." Duh.